Josh Moody For Arkansas' 3rd District

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Ideas and Policies


Nelson Mandela once said, "there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." As an educator, I have more expertise than most lawmakers about what it takes to properly educate our children - all of our children, regardless of ability, zip code, or income.  I work with kids who are being left behind. There is no excuse for this.  We can and should do better.

High school should prepare students for jobs needed now.  More Vocational/Technology classes, Computer Science, and certification programs. Classes and requirements should be geared toward the jobs that need to be filled. Education is ever changing. Not every citizen needs a 4-year degree. Make public colleges affordable again. 


I believe hunting is the most humane way to kill and consume meat.  I also understand wanting to protect your family. The vast majority of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, agree that we can and should do more to protect innocent people from guns in the wrong hands.  I agree.  There is also no reason for a civilian to have weapons with automatic rifle capabilities.  Don't you agree?


I respect our responsibility to protect people and freedoms both here and abroad. However, if we must engage, I hope we always have an end game in mind. No more endless war. I also believe that more of the money spent on the military should be used to support returning veterans who have so bravely served our nation, especially regarding jobs, housing, and mental health.  


I know many police officers. I do not know any who want to be in a situation where rash decisions have to be made in which either the officer or another individual don't make it home that night.  One partial solution is better training in de-escalation techniques, including staying calm in a chaotic situation. But who has the time?  With what money? Find the time. Find the money. Our communities are worth it.  


I love camping, canoeing, hiking, and biking our beautiful neck of the woods. I even like to ride my bicycle to work whenever I can. We in Northwest Arkansas are fortunate to have an abundance of options to enjoy the great outdoors.  I want my grandchildren to have those same options.  The fact of the matter is there are hundreds of billions of dollars to be made and hundreds of thousands of jobs to be created in green initiatives. Some energy companies recognize this and will be ahead of the curve.  A half century ago, we were known for innovation. The world is catching up. Let's create more than just apps.  Let's create air.  


Let's call it Obamacare.  Let's call it Trumpcare.  Let's call it Purple People Eaters Care.  I don't care what it's called.  Let's create a system to provide affordable health care for all. One suggestion? Attach benefits to work instead of jobs.  For each hour worked, your employer would chip into your healthcare fund, whether you are there for a day or 10 years. This fund would be portable from job to job. 


The President has term limits.  Why do Senators and Representatives not? Anyone who wants to spend a lifetime in politics probably shouldn't be allowed.  Specifically, I think Representatives should get four two-year terms, Senators two six-year, and the President as is.  If one is popular enough, he or she could potentially serve on the national level for up to 28 years. That's a career. That's enough.


Money should not equal political power. Average citizens have no representation. We must overturn Citizens United. 


Deporting 12 million people is unrealistic and expensive. Instead, ease path to citizenship for those here and otherwise law abiding. Increase border security via technology and surveillance rather than walls. We are a nation of immigrants. That is what makes us great!


Locking up non-violent offenders wastes our tax dollars and human capital. Decriminalize addiction. Prohibition does not work. Private prisons are a Pandora's Box that we do not want to open. We incarcerate more individuals per capita than any other country in the world. Land of the Free? We should be freer.