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Bowing Out

It Was an Educational Ride


If ya ain’t learnin’, ya ain’t livin’.

When the Universe speaks, you should listen.

These are a couple of mantras that have been going through my head in recent weeks and months. I have learned infinitely more than I could have hoped for about the whole political process and human nature in general. And the Universe whispered, then spoke, then eventually screamed at me. I’m listening.

With tremendous relief, mild disappointment, and significant self-awareness, I am stepping away from my campaign for Congress in 2018. I have had the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by many people in our area who are ready and willing to be agents of positive change on every level. I sincerely appreciate you and pledge to continue to do what I can here to make a positive impact in our community.

However, I am a father first. Upon an abundance of self-reflection, I do not want to live in Washington, D.C., especially while my own two kids enter their teenage years here in Arkansas. If I have learned nothing else in my line of work, it is that a teen’s relationship with his or her father is crucial to their overall well being. I cannot know that fact and ignore it with my own kids. Therefore, it makes no sense to throw time, effort, and money into a campaign that could potentially put me so far away from them.

Like many of you, I am fed up with the tribalism in our nation’s politics. I am more convinced that the two-party system is toxic and should be dismantled. However you vote this year, in the primary and general elections, please put the person above the party. Please take the time to consider which candidate truly has your best interests at heart.

Believe it or not, in Arkansas, Independents are evenly split with the two major parties (with ⅓ of voters fitting into each category). What I have been doing is not as out of reach as many assume. I entered the race to change the conversation and hopefully raise the bar of political discourse toward civility and positivity. I eventually realized I actually had a shot at winning this thing (anyone else interested has until May 1 to submit petition - I would be happy to mentor). I am hopeful and confident that one of these days, somebody will step in there and Change the Mood, indeed change the system, for the better. I firmly believe that if our nation’s high schoolers stay energized and focused over the next decade, they will most definitely change the game. In the meantime, I plan to spend my time and energy continuing to practice what I’ve been preaching for years - making a difference in my microcosm of the world, NWA.

Stay tuned to my website and social media as I plan to spotlight local non-profits and initiatives I have come across to hopefully raise awareness and/or funds for them. (If you get the chance, please sign the Independent Redistricting Commission petition! It is something we can ALL agree on!) Let’s Change the Mood Together!!!!

What are we doing here?


My name is Josh Moody.  I am a proud lifelong Arkansan, a teacher in Fayetteville, a proud father of two fantastic and thoughtful kids, and I am very excited to be YOUR candidate for Arkansas' 3rd Congressional District in 2018. That's right!  I'm running for Congress. I want to be very clear in saying that I AM NOT A POLITICIAN.  I AM A PUBLIC SERVANT. I am running because I feel compelled to be a force for positive change in our society and government.  I am running as an independent, so I will not owe any party.  I am not accepting any corporate or special interest funds, so I will not owe any corporations or special interests.  I fully believe that money has already done enough damage in our electoral process. I am here simply to amplify YOUR VOICE, help unite this beautiful nation again, and give power back to the PEOPLE and power to the PURPLE! 

PURPLE = Red + Blue working together for the people rather than the party


What has been happening in politics recently is reminiscent of the Hatfield's and McCoy's, where each family must swear allegiance to its own and completely discredit the other side.  Donald Trump is not the cause of our issues, but a symptom.  What happened in 2016 is all the proof we need to see that the two-party system is broken.  On one side, we had a bus of candidates (including many suitable and reasonable ones) in which our President bullied his way to the driver's seat.  On the other side, we had a national committee that anointed, rather than fairly nominated, the One whom those in the party's power wanted to see elected.  What we ended up with were two choices that the majority of American voters were not excited For, but rather passionately Against. It is time for a reset.  It is time for Blue and Red to come together as one to move our nation forward without regard to party.  It is time for PURPLE.


Enough about me.  This is about you.  What issues are most important to you?  What do you think we need to fix?  How would you like to move our state and nation FORWARD? Will you pledge to be PURPLE?  WHAT QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE FOR ME??